Approaching the Divine: Sacred Images and Spirit Animals

Images from my solo exhibition at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 30 - July 15, entitled Approaching the Divine: Sacred Images and Spirit Animals

What it comes down to is your taste.

What you like, what pleases you, what you make or would make, pay attention to, love, embrace as good or beautiful or worthy of your time, money, further use of, meditation on, is what you value. You've made a choice from the ones before you. You have exalted some aspect of phenomena, form, for a specific combination of qualities you responded to intellectually and emotionally. (Try and separate them). You've cast you're vote for the world you want.

As Hume argues, taste is a moral issue. 

brad overton the emperor of wyoming


40"x40", oil on canvas, 2017


In art and life we face changes. We either move into change gracefully or we resist. A canoe metaphor, paddling along with the current, responding to it, and making subtle and skillfull adjustents applies. That's how to deal with a forceful and changing current. But where is it taking us? What's up ahead? Our feelings about these questions will determine not only our anxiety level but will actually create what it is we will discover down stream! If we decide that change is good and canoeing is fun and trust ourselves to navigate fast water, and more, if we trust creation and creativity, (the water itself), then what we will find up ahead will be what we have hoped for, dreamed, created. 


In my painting I like change; a new studio, a new canvas, a new concept.  I like risk, aligned with curiosity. when I get to try something I've always wanted to do but was uncertain of what the outcome would be I feel excited. Gathering confidence by acquiring skills over many years, (failing at so many paintings!) I have learned to handle new subjects and concepts gracefully. And I'm able to make the paintings I paint, equal to their original mental image. 


So don't fear change. Embrace it! Navigate it enthusiastically! It's going to bring you what you create.

 Painting in progress, OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL MOTION

Painting in progress, OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL MOTION

Riding the Storm out

Back from Santa Fe for only three weeks and I've got three new paintings underway. This one is nearing completion! 

Riding the Storm out. 

24"x24" , commissioned painting.


Feature Article in Western Art and Architecture

"I believe the best art comes out of deliberate practice and discipline mixed with willingness to trust yourself as an artist and a human being" states Utah artist Bradford Overton.  In his richly detailed paintings, we discover he is a master of mystery and a weaver of spells as he explores beauty and narrative with original style.

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