In art and life we face changes. We either move into change gracefully or we resist. A canoe metaphor, paddling along with the current, responding to it, and making subtle and skillfull adjustents applies. That's how to deal with a forceful and changing current. But where is it taking us? What's up ahead? Our feelings about these questions will determine not only our anxiety level but will actually create what it is we will discover down stream! If we decide that change is good and canoeing is fun and trust ourselves to navigate fast water, and more, if we trust creation and creativity, (the water itself), then what we will find up ahead will be what we have hoped for, dreamed, created. 


In my painting I like change; a new studio, a new canvas, a new concept.  I like risk, aligned with curiosity. when I get to try something I've always wanted to do but was uncertain of what the outcome would be I feel excited. Gathering confidence by acquiring skills over many years, (failing at so many paintings!) I have learned to handle new subjects and concepts gracefully. And I'm able to make the paintings I paint, equal to their original mental image. 


So don't fear change. Embrace it! Navigate it enthusiastically! It's going to bring you what you create.

Painting in progress, OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL MOTION

Painting in progress, OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL MOTION

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