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An Upcoming Exhibition in Jackson, WY at Altamira

My Exhibition at Altamira Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming is SEPTEMBER 7, 5-8PM



Altamira Fine Art Jackson is pleased to present new work from Bradford Overton in an exhibition opening August 27, 2018.

Meet the Artist September 7th from 5-8pm during the Fall Arts Festival kick-off event, Palettes and Palates.

In this body of work tiny western archetypes loom large. Richly colored, vintage toys float on simple gray backgrounds. Shadows move across a gray plain and highly detailed cowboys and indians run across what we can only imagine to be mesas and canyons in pursuit of, or fleeing from, a scene which we cannot see.

Relying on raw skill, color, composition, and the inherent beauty of the objects he's painted, Overton's paintings call on the playfulness and sense of humor of the viewer, to be the player, playing. They also draw on Overton's earliest inspirations, his childhood fantasies of running freely through the landscape with his greatest heroes, the indians and cowboys who made the west what it is and who still enchant our minds with memories of what was.



Approaching the Divine: Sacred Images and Spirit Animals

Images from my solo exhibition at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico June 30 - July 15, entitled Approaching the Divine: Sacred Images and Spirit Animals

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